Peace & Tranquility

Most people know of Murphy’s Law “Anything that can go wrong will”, and from personal experience I can say when the going gets rough, it really does go above and beyond. However, when the difficult phase passes, and life once again, assumes normalcy as best as it can…I’ve found myself to be suspicious…as if the quietness of my current circumstance was just a  faux comfort, … Continue reading Peace & Tranquility

Don’t Drop Anchor in Your Past

Circumstance. Circumstances…can either be a setting for a smooth transition into another plane in life or an unwelcome caveat that launches us into places we hope to never encounter. Either way the state in which we encounter ourselves at any given period of our lives is a place where we can find teachable moments. However, sometimes it is difficult to access those points of learning … Continue reading Don’t Drop Anchor in Your Past

Boat Quotes and such…

Downtime. There are people who welcome it…ask any teacher who had not so recently ushered their final classes into summer vacation. There are others who worry through it…so much that it would seem as if they hadn’t left their place of work, their body physically is confined to an ideal space of rest, yet their minds are overwhelmed with business deals, meetings to plan, scores to … Continue reading Boat Quotes and such…

Maybe its not the end; but time needed to mend

We hear variations of the phrase ‘life moves fast’ ever so often…and honestly on keen observation of the fact that another New Year is 5-6 months away when it seems as if 2016 just began…there’s valid observation in there… Based on this, it is the accepted norm for us humans to try to keep up , becoming hard pressed to match the perception with our … Continue reading Maybe its not the end; but time needed to mend