Peace & Tranquility

Most people know of Murphy’s Law “Anything that can go wrong will”, and from personal experience I can say when the going gets rough, it really does go above and beyond.

However, when the difficult phase passes, and life once again, assumes normalcy as best as it can…I’ve found myself to be suspicious…as if the quietness of my current circumstance was just a  faux comfort, to provide me pitifully with a bit of relief for the apocalyptic like struggle that would somehow, in someway ensue.

In retrospect, I’ve realized, that in that position, I never really appreciated, the normalcy, the peace, the tranquility.

Sometimes we need to truly believe, that the good times are just that. Nothing more, nothing less…and love each moment for what it means to the progression of our lives. Lessons are learnt through trials, but if when the trial is over and the lesson has been learnt we only expect more disquiet, more challenges, more stress, when the calm presents itself, we will never learn the lessons that it also teaches…

Therein laid my muse.

Be still. Cherish the calm in a life full of storms…

Acrylic and Ink on Wood 7″ x 7″



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