In my not so long, not so short time on this earth, I’ve realized that the sooner one is able to face the entirety of themselves, the easier it is to propel oneself further in life.

Someone once said, to err is human…we make mistakes, we hurt others, other people hurt us, we mess up, as others do. However, as naturally human as this is, deflecting blame onto others as it were, seems just as natural.

If you are unable or worse, refuse to recognize your own inconsistencies, your own flaws, your own mistakes, there will be no progression towards the person who you can be.

If you are unable to deliberately acknowledge your errors, there will be no change in your methods of living this life, no change in the energy of your interactions with others, or in the soul of your thoughts.

Most powerfully…without the capacity to be humbled before your own wrongs, you will never be able to forgive yourself for them. You will continue to blame, and hide within the shell you created.

Take responsibility for your life, your wrongs, and be joyful in fact that you can at anytime choose to do what is right.

Therein laid my muse.

Sometimes the problem isn’t the weather, but the way you’ve been steering the ship…

Acrylic on Wood 3.7″x10″

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