Don’t Drop Anchor in Your Past


Circumstances…can either be a setting for a smooth transition into another plane in life or an unwelcome caveat that launches us into places we hope to never encounter.

Either way the state in which we encounter ourselves at any given period of our lives is a place where we can find teachable moments. However, sometimes it is difficult to access those points of learning when devastated, overwhelmed or just plain numbed or tired.

The overused cliché “life is a journey” still holds true, for it is through a process of adjusting, re-adjusting and constant re-evaluation of one’s own motives, goals, hopes, and…. circumstance, that leads to another stage in life where looking back is not as aggravating, uncomfortable or for some, even painful.

Fully experience where you are right now, capitalize on the positives, and do away with what’s negative…by all means, embrace the process, try to learn what you can through your unique situation…but when that teachable moment, has reinforced its lesson in your life;

Please…move ahead. Even if its slowly, move along.

Don’t get stuck.

Rough seas don’t last. Keep sailing towards your future. Don’t drop anchor in your past…


Acrylic and Ink on Wood 7″ x 7″

















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