Boat Quotes and such…


There are people who welcome it…ask any teacher who had not so recently ushered their final classes into summer vacation.

There are others who worry through it…so much that it would seem as if they hadn’t left their place of work, their body physically is confined to an ideal space of rest, yet their minds are overwhelmed with business deals, meetings to plan, scores to settle, and the like.

In varying degrees depending on who you are, downtime can be perceived as less important as the proverbial hustle and grind…as a nuisance that takes away from what is perceived to be a more…productive use of time?

Is it not productive, to allow yourself a place to replenish your energies, passions, and motivations?

Is it not productive to spend time with those whom you claim to cherish…?

Those were my thoughts while framing a concept for this piece.

Downtime is as important as the grind. Be fair to your mind, body, and spirit.

Every wise sailor knows docking is as important as sailing…




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