Maybe its not the end; but time needed to mend

We hear variations of the phrase ‘life moves fast’ ever so often…and honestly on keen observation of the fact that another New Year is 5-6 months away when it seems as if 2016 just began…there’s valid observation in there…

Based on this, it is the accepted norm for us humans to try to keep up , becoming hard pressed to match the perception with our actions…however, the fact will always remain, we were not made to move as fast, and very often our bodies will remind us of this by the inevitable burnout mechanism that arises.

Herein lies my muse …
Many times its easy to mistake a burnout, for the end of your ‪#‎insertgoalsdreamshere‬
Humans suffer from this state of being acutely within our social, physical, and psychological environments, and often can give up on future endeavours and passions during this limited time that comes about as an innate reminder of a need to re-adjust our pace and perceptions of how life is and the essence of its importance…

Maybe its not the end; but just time needed to mend.

Acrylic and Ink on Wood 3″x7″

If you don’t remember the preamble…remember this…Don’t dropout because of a burnout ‪#‎thinkonthesethings



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